Our community bonus program ended in March. However, you can still

Save With No Upfront Cost.

Go solar and save on your electricity bill!

Each qualified homeowner will receive a free solar consultation and there are no upfront costs to participate!

Here’s how Level Solar’s East Elmhurst program works:
  • Level Solar places solar panels on your home at no cost
  • These panels generate clean electricity
  • Level Solar provides that electricity to you for up to 25% less than your utility
  • You save immediately and qualify for a NY State tax credit up to $5,000!
As a homeowner, you can save thousands of dollars with this program!

Find out if you qualify! Call Level Solar today: 917-722-2688!

Going Solar Is Easy With Level Solar

We put customers first and are a top-rated solar provider:

  • Level Solar installs a solar system on your home at no upfront cost

  • These panels generate clean

  • IMG_354_upds

    Level Solar provides this electricity to you, and charges a lower price for electricity than your current utility

Why Choose Level Solar?

Level Solar Is Quality

Quality is at the center of everything Level Solar does, from the initial meeting to completing your connection.

Customer Service

Level Solar strives to deliver a world-class customer experience, and always puts its customers first.

The Level Solar Guarantee

Level Solar uses only the best equipment in the industry and staffs its teams with the most qualified professionals. Level Solar guarantees the work we do for up to 30 years.
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The Impact You Will Have:

A typical solar array produces 150,000 kWh over 20 years, equivalent to…

Planting 2,500 trees

Eliminating 160,000 pounds of CO2

Offsetting 8,000 gallons of gasoline

How You Save

Level Solar’s agreement is designed to start saving you money now – and into the future!

  • Today, you buy all of your electricity from your local utility and pay one large electric bill.
  • With Level Solar, the majority of your energy will come from your solar panels, and at a lower rate.
  • You save up to 25% on your electricity!

What Level Solar’s Customers Are Saying

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible customer experience. Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

“The best experience ever from start to finish! … They cover all costs for panels and install … I highly recommend Level Solar!” — E. G., New York
“The cost is first and foremost – no out-of-pocket cost for install. It was immediate savings!” — G. V., New York
“I look forward to many years of savings and helping our environment! I couldn’t be more satisfied!” — M. R., New York
“If anyone is considering going green, definitely choose Level Solar. You will not be disappointed.” — K. W. New York

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How Much Can You Save?