Savings For Mill Basin With No Upfront Cost.

Level Solar is helping Mill Basin-Bergen Beach residents lower their electricity bills.
With Level Solar’s PPA program, Mill Basin homeowners can save up to $500 each year on electricity and receive a tax credit up to $5,000. You will also receive a special community rebate of up to $400!

   Help improve the air and water quality in Brooklyn with no upfront cost!

Here’s how the program works:
  • Level Solar places solar panels on your home at no cost
  • These panels generate 100% clean solar electricity
  • Level Solar provides this electricity to you – helping you save up to $500 each year on your current electricity bill
  • You get a special Mill Basin-Bergen Beach community rebate of up to $400
  • You save immediately, and as a NY state homeowner you also qualify for a tax credit up to $5,000!
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Sign An Agreement by Saturday, September 30, 2017,
for the special Mill Basin-Bergen Beach Community Rebate of up to $400!
Zip codes 11229, 11234 and 11236 are eligible.

Going Solar Is Easy

Level Solar focuses on bringing customers an unparalleled customer experience

  • Level Solar places a solar system on your home at no cost

  • The solar panels generate 100% clean electricity

  • Level Solar provides this electricity to you at a rate up to 20% less than ConEd

Mill Basin-Bergen Beach homeowners can receive up to a $400 community rebate!

For homeowners in Mill Basin-Bergen Beach who go solar, Level Solar will pay a $100 rebate. As more people in the community sign up for solar, your rebate goes up. Each homeowner in your community can receive up to a $300 rebate! The first 10 to install can receive up to a $400 Rebate!

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Rebate Schedule for
Mill Basin-Bergen Beach:

# of InstallationsRebate Amount

“First 10” Bonus Rebate Schedule:

# of InstallationsFirst 10 BonusTotal Rebate Amount
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To qualify for the Mill Basin-Bergen Beach Brooklyn Solarize program rebate, the customer must have a Level Solar-installed system, and the installation agreement must be dated between 12/1/2016 and 9/30/17. Only customers located in the following zip codes: 11229, 11234, or 11236 are eligible. The rebate will be paid to the property owner(s) or trustee(s) who sign the installation agreement with Level Solar. The maximum available rebate amount is $400. From 12/1/2016 through 9/30/2017, customers within the referenced zip codes are not eligible for other Level Solar rebate programs, and will not qualify as a paid referral.

Why Choose Level Solar?

Level Solar Is Quality

Quality is important to Level Solar. Level Solar hires the most qualified professionals, and prides itself on a high quality installation.

Customer Service

Each Level Solar employee is tasked with putting our customers first.

The Level Solar Guarantee

Level Solar installs some of the best solar equipment in the industry, and offers you a 30-year guarantee on our workmanship.

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How You Can Save:

Level Solar’s PPA agreement brings you savings today – and helps you continue those savings into the future!

  • Today, you purchase all of your electricity from your local utility and pay one electric bill.
  • With Level Solar, your new solar panels provide a large portion of your energy, at a lower rate.
  • You save up to 20% each year on your total electric bill!

What Level Solar’s Customers Are Saying:

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible customer experience. Here’s what some of our customers have to say

“The best experience ever from start to finish! … They cover all costs for panels and install … It’s a win-win for all … saving us money and helping our environment! I highly recommend Level Solar!” — Ellen G., New York
“The cost is first and foremost – no out-of-pocket cost for install. It was immediate savings!” — George V., Babylon, NY
“I look forward to many years of savings and helping our environment! I couldn’t be more satisfied!” — Martin R., Port Jefferson Station, NY
“If anyone is considering going green, definitely choose Level Solar. You will not be disappointed.” — Kelly W., Babylon, NY

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