No Upfront Cost. Pure Savings.

Level Solar is proud to be the leading solar installer in Brownsville, Brooklyn, with almost 200 homes installed. We continue to serve the Brownsville community, helping residents to save money on their electricity with no upfront cost.

Learn why almost 200 of your Brownsville neighbors have chosen to go solar with Level Solar! 347-774-2920

Here’s how the program works:
  • Level Solar places solar panels on your home. You pay $0 upfront!
  • The solar panels produce clean electricity
  • Level Solar charges you less for this electricity than you are paying now to your utility
  • You also qualify for a state tax credit of up to $5,000!
Total savings can exceed $10,000!

Contact Level Solar today to learn more about this program: 347-774-2920!

It’s Easy to Go Solar With Level Solar!

We strive to bring our customers the best service experience

  • Level Solar places solar panels on your home at no cost

  • These panels produce100% clean electricity

  • Level Solar provides this electricity to you for less than what you pay your utility today

Reasons to Choose Level Solar:

Level Solar Is Quality

Quality is important to Level Solar, and is reflected in everything it does, from customer service to installation.

Customer Service

Level Solar puts customer service first!

The Level Solar Guarantee

Level Solar has a 30 year guarantee on its workmanship.
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Make A Positive Impact On The Environment:

A typical solar array can produce 130,000 kWh over 20 years, equivalent to…

Adding 2,500 new trees

Eliminating 160K pounds of CO2

Offsetting 10K gallons of gas

How You Save:

Level Solar’s agreement can save money for you today – and years into the future!

  • Today, you purchase all of your electricity from your local utility and pay one electric bill.
  • With Level Solar, you have two utilities – your electric company, and Level Solar, which provides most of your electricity, at a lower rate.
  • With Level Solar, you save up to 25% on your electricity!

Level Solar Is Proud Of Our Great Customer Service

Level Solar’s team strives to provide the best possible customer experience. Read some of our customer testimonials:

“The installers were on time, very courteous and professional. They answered all of my questions and were very helpful.” — S. N., New York
“The cost is first and foremost – no out-of-pocket cost for install. It was immediate savings!” — G. V., New York
“I look forward to many years of savings and helping our environment! I couldn’t be more satisfied!” — M. R., New York
“If anyone is considering going green, definitely choose Level Solar. You will not be disappointed.” — K. W., New York

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