How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

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Our Program Is Simple:

How much does solar energy cost? We install solar panels on your home at no cost.
No cost solar panel installation by Level Solar The solar panels generate 100% clean electricity.
Learn about the cost of solar power today We provide this electricity to you for up to 25% less than your utility.

How You Save:


Level Solar’s agreement is designed to bring you low-cost solar energy – to save you money today, and even more in the future. Today you purchase 100% of your electricity from your utility and pay one large electric bill. With Level Solar, electricity from solar panels provides the majority of your energy, at a lower rate. You change nothing, just pay less!

How much do solar panels save?
Solar panel savings over time

You save on day one and lock in a lower rate for 20 years. Electricity prices from a traditional utility typically increase between 3 – 4% per year. Level Solar locks in a lower rate, enabling you to save more over time.

Your Impact On The Environment:

A typical solar array produces 130,000 kWh over 20 years, equivalent to…

The impact of solar installation is equal to planting 2,500 trees

Planting 2,500 trees

Eliminating pounds of carbon dioxide with renewable solar energy

Eliminating 150,000 pounds of
carbon dioxide (CO2)

Offsetting gallons of gasoline with clean energy sources

Offsetting 10,000 gallons
of gasoline

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